How to work turbo.

How to work turbo.

HOW IT WORKS turbocharger How to work turbo 3D video.


Variable geometry turbo.

  Increasing the power of the four-stroke internal combustion can be achieved in several ways: -By increasing the working volume; -Increasing the speed; -Through turbocharging. In the first two ways during the suction stroke air goes directly into the cylinders under the influence of the difference in air pressure and vacuum that is created by the movement of the piston at bottom dead center. When intake air compressors is already compressed before entering the tsilindrite.The engine same volume of air sucked, but thanks to its high combustion chamber pressure comes more air masa.Tova means you can burn more fuel , which explains the increase in power at the same engine speed and displacement. Apply two methods to compress the air: a mechanical supercharger and turbocharger through driven by exhaust gases. In the mechanical supercharged air needed for combustion is compressed by a...
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