Trends in bags for spring-summer 2013

Trends in bags for spring-summer 2013

Mini bags

Mini bags are a major trend for spring / summer 2013. Available in different shapes and styles and can be worn on the wrist, back, or handles. Diane von Furstenberg bags showed interest in his show, and when Lewis Vuton they are classic shapes, colorful and playful patterns.



Large bags are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Prada and Rochas offer smaller versions as suggested Mulberry leather with chain handles.

Bags Purses

These bags have a wide variety of materials, sizes and styles. There are mini bags purses purses and giant bags, metallic bags and leather bags with whimsical shapes and regular geometric shapes.

There are also folding bags as seen on Victoria Beckham, Reed Krakoff, Carolina Herrera, Hermes, and many others.

Metallic bags have been spotted on Victoria Beckham, Viktor & Rolf, Dries Van Noten. In Fendi bags were completely covered with sequins.

Fantastic bags were...
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