Angelina Jolie By Brad Pitt For W Magazine November 2008

Angelina Jolie By Brad Pitt For W Magazine November 2008

Everyone’s talking about that. Everywhere I turn my head it’s either Angie’s breastfeeding photos by Brad Pitt for W magazine or the US financial clash. At least I’ve got the choice! (Pictures from the magazine updated at the end of the article!)

I won’t get financial, we’re Stylefrizz. We love fashion and entertainment. So I’d go for Angelina Jolie and her fifth and sixth children, the twins Knox and Vivienne, her natural children with partner Brad Pitt. It’s not in discrimination that I’m saying the above, it’s because few years ago, W magazine published photos of her, Brad Pitt and five children in a story about domestic bliss in 1963. Prophecy or just marketing? (more pictures after the jump)

W is betting again on the most powerful couple of the world (at least as far as entertainment goes) and for its November 2008 issue make public a set of thirty something “private” photos of the Brangelina household. Photos said to be taken by Brad Pitt (in August 2008, in...
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