Karan Johar- And his passion for films

Karan Johar- And his passion for films

When it comes to creating films centered on tales of love, not many filmmakers know the best way to win hearts. The head of Dharma Productions, Karan Johar, sure knows how to craft heart touching stories however and has come up with films that have moved audiences to tears and made us fall in love all over again! According to him, the film industry has undergone a tremendous change lately and the way contemporary cinema portrays love and romance these days is a step away from the past.  

Clean love stories don’t exist anymore

“It’s sad but the purity of romance has taken a beating. It’s the difference between water and cola. The ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s projected clean, tranquil and seamless love. Just the way a glass of water appears. Today’s love is like a fizzy cola. It’s got fizz, which eventually goes flat. Water is like the ocean, it’s endless. Unfortunately, today organic love is known as old world love. Clean love stories don’t exist anymore,” said...
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