How to Submit a Photograph or Video on

How to Submit a Photograph or Video on is a website which is trending just because of a different concept. This website aims at discussion of Urban Legends, Internet rumors, e-mail forwards. This website is giving a very common but a different service. This service is submitting of Photo or a video on Any of the users of can make use of this service. Users can submit their photo and video online. This is done in order to share the resources users are having with them.

One can only submit photo/video; other documents are not allowed to be submitted. Submission of photos and videos is very much easy job. It won’t take more than a minute. After you submit your data, the data is verified and then is uploaded. The process is simple and takes less your time and lets you free fast.

About is website, giving you chance to show your references you are having. This website only works on urban legends. The approximate visitors of this page daily are more than...
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