Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Arlington

Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Arlington

Specializing in:

Custom, Realism, Portraits, Traditional, Lettering, Color, Black & White, & much more. It’s only early 2014 and the artists have taken their talents all over Texas & beyond! Stop by the shop to see some awards & photos from past conventions & shows.

​URBAN’s TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO offers a relaxed high-end atmosphere, with flat screen TVs, leather sofas, two seating areas, outdoor smoking area, fresh drinks, and professional artists to answer any questions you may have! We provide a drama-free, drug-free, gang-free environment you can feel comfortable bringing your family to.

With clients ranging from lawyers, doctors, athletes, musicians, etc., rest assured you will never look for another body art studio. We stand out among other great studios as one of the best, not only in Arlington, but throughout the entire great state of Texas. We are also conveniently located near DFW Airport for you travelers. Be sure to ask...
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