8 Remarketing Strategies and Techniques ~ News on Front Page

8 Remarketing Strategies and Techniques ~ News on Front Page

The good old days of simple PPC keyword marketing are long gone and the gold standard for Online Advertising is now re-targeting. Re-targeting allows marketers to put their ads in front of visitors who have either already shown some sort of interest or have been qualified as a targeted lead based on their Internet activity. These leads convert on a much higher level, are extremely qualified, can easily be segmented into buckets and personas, and generate a higher ROI than traditional PPC strategies. Search Remarketing: One of the main types of Remarketing looks at a user’s previous search terms and displays relevant ads across the web that user is browsing. Large ad networks can show an ad that matches the keyword to that user on several different sites.

Site Retargeting: The original form of re-targeting was based on placing a cookie on the user’s computer when they visited a certain page on a site. Then when the user left the site, they would be presented with...
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