Side – the Pearl of the Pamphylian Plain

Side – the Pearl of the Pamphylian Plain

The Mediterranean resort Side, located on a narrow Antalyan peninsular, remembers powerful rulers and mighty kingdoms that had existed long before the Turks conquered the area. According to the Greek mythology, the town has taken its name after Side, the goddess of Nature and Abundance, whose symbol is the pomegranate tree that thrives in the area.

According to the Greek historians Strabo and Arrian, the city was founded in the 7th century B.C. by Greek settlers. The town soon flourished because of its comfortable port and favourable geographic location and in a while became one of the largest trade centres in Pamphylia. In 333 BC Alexander the Great occupied the town and brought the Hellenistic culture there. After his death, Side changed a lot of rulers, including the Cilician pirates, but managed to preserve its autonomy and kept flourishing.

                Today Side is one of the most popular destinations at the Turkish Mediterranean coast. It is...
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