Fleet Foot Safaris – Africa

Fleet Foot Safaris – Africa

Incredible destinations, each with its own flavour, offering a diversity of unforgettable wild-life experience on safari, offering prime accommodation in Lodges and Tented camps in Southern Africa and South–East Africa is the business of FLEET FOOT SAFARIS. With us you will eat, breath, taste, feel, touch, hear and smell the African bush and its creatures like never before

We are about game viewing, birding, tree spotting, nature and photographic expeditions, culture and art excursions, executive team building sessions, guided self drive and off-road safaris. We offer highly knowledgeable and experienced interpretation nature-guides. As “one size does not fit all”, every safari is customized to meet client goals and budget. There is no better reward for holiday, than to go on Safari with FLEET FOOT and as an added bonus, its great fun!

How do we do it?

Safaris varies from mobile fly-in  or with four wheel drive vehicles which accommodates 1 to 6 clients , in...
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