How Do You Get A Website On Google

How Do You Get A Website On Google

Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Each Page of your website should have a proper and different Title, which tells search engines and users that what this page is about.

Every Page of website should contain Relevant and Different Meta Description and Keywords, which mostly shown as a snippet in search results and tell what the page is about to Search Engines.

Use Descriptive and Search Engine Friendly URLs - e.g. (for Google webmaster)

Use Relevant and Quality content on you Website Pages.

What are Search Bots?

Google uses small programs that reads content available on web pages. This program is lovingly called a "Search Bot" or "Spider" or "Google Bot". These search bots goes over the internet, crawls information from web pages and then puts all this information about websites onto the Google Index. For being appear in Google search results your websites information must reside in Google Index. So getting these...
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