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If plants ever happen to emit Wi-Fi signals rather than oxygen, deforestation will stop at a drastic rate. This is not practical though, it rightly reflects the measure of dependency of contemporary generation on the internet. It has become an indispensable part of our lives. In fact, the launch of a new technology every single day enables us to access internet in the remotest of places. But there is always a different side to every picture. And in this case, it is the security which suffers a serious threat. Every time you access the internet, your pc or android devices stand a risk of being attacked by a virus, a malware, or a spyware. Your registry files can be infected, or even duplicated, your windows can get corrupt and the most frightening of all, your personal info can be stolen as well. And all of these call for a need to install sound antivirus software in your device. When we talk about a sound antivirus, the only thing we could ever...
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