What To Blog About

What To Blog About

So you have a blog and it is all set up and ready to go but now…

…what to blog about?

You know people who have a blog, and have heard that you should have one but no one has ever really answered the question… what to blog about?

It is the single most asked question I hear over and over.

Clearly people blog for different reasons.

Some people use a blog baisically like a diary to chronicle their activities either on a general basis or in regards to a specific project or theme.

Others use their blog as a way to express their views on a paricticular subject or a variety of related subjects.

Still others blog as an outlet for their creativity and find that the writing process suits their talents.

None of these people ever have a problem deciding what to blog about… because they know WHY they are blogging. They have a definite purpose to their writing.

Then there are those who have a blog as a part of a business, or even as...
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