The Science of Solar Pool Heating

The Science of Solar Pool Heating

Gas-powered pool heaters, while very popular in a lot of households, can be replaced by rather environment-friendly alternatives. Keeping a swimming pool warm is every one’s dream especially since relaxing in a warm pool has been proven to be therapeutic. However, in the name of therapy, you need not put the condition of your electricity bill spiking up at stake. With a solar pool heating method as an alternative to your gas-powered pool heater, you are doing yourself and your wallet a lot of favor.

The mechanics and the science that goes into a solar pool heating is actually very simple, but one has to appreciate the smarts and the technicalities a solar pool heater has. In essence, what happens in this particular heating alternative is that with the use of your swimming pool pump, water coming from your swimming pool is pushed right up into the solar collectors. These solar collectors are ideally placed on top of your roof since placing the collectors there makes it...
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