Sydney + Canberra + Hunter Valley

Sydney + Canberra + Hunter Valley

Wedding Day Hair And Makeup Just For You

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that you will look back on for years to come, Sparrow Makeup would love nothing more than to have our hand picked team of professionals create the hair, makeup and beauty look you dreamt about when walking down the aisle.

Our team will have you looking like a million dollars as all eyes turn to you as you gracefully walk down and become the star of the day, we will make sure that every aspect of the wedding day hair, makeup and glow is completed with care and perfection, it all starts from the moment you have your bridal hair and makeup preview.

With our bridal hair and makeup team having 40 years combined experience in perfect bridal hair and makeup, you can be well assured that your bridal beauty is in the best possible hands, not only for yourself but for the whole bridal party (2-20 Bridesmaids) with done it all!

With over 150 weddings a year, with seen and...
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