Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath

Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath

No matter the season, dogs have a habit of getting dirty. Sooner or later, you’ll have to give your dog a bath, and much like training or housebreaking a dog, you should start bathing them when they’re young to condition them.

Not all dogs will immediately take to a relaxing bath. You can’t simply toss them into the water and expect them to enjoy it. Some will need more coaxing than others, so here are a few tips to help your dog enjoy his bath.

1. Provide plenty of toys and playtime.

Before you even get your dog in the tub, bring him into the bathroom and offer up toys, play, and plenty of affection. Like training your pup to use the dog litter box, you want to teach him that the bathroom isn’t a scary place and is, on the contrary, a loving, fun place. Toys with hidden treats are a plus.

Toys in the tub are just as fun, though you’ll want to use only plastic toys. Make sure to remove the toys once you put in the shampoo and bubbles to prevent your...
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