New York restaurant | Manhattan Restaurant

New York restaurant | Manhattan Restaurant

QRNibbles laid out some tips about dining out in the Big Apple, particularly how much tip you are expected to leave for various restaurant staff.

For example, you are expected to leave 15% to 20% of your total bill as a tip to waiting staff. This is because it is part of the local culture to always tip and most waiters and waitresses rely on tips to augment their income.

Bad Service

However, what if you have just received the worst restaurant service in your life? Let’s say the food took so long to reach your table, or you were given the wrong order, your soup was served cold, or perhaps the waiter was rude.

Are these enough reasons not to leave a tip?

The answer is no. Instead of walking away without leaving a tip, ask to speak to the manager. Be sure that you air your concerns in a polite way and directly to the point. In NYC, people are always vocal about any bad service they get and they never hesitate to inform the establishment’s...
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