What Your Lunch Snack Should Be

What Your Lunch Snack Should Be

If you want a healthy lunch snack to munch on in between meals, it is best to probably pop the question to friends who are also health buffs and probably to nutritionists that you personally know. While the common answer to this question would be fruits, yogurts and energy bars, it is important that you expand your horizons and realise that your healthy food choices are not limited to these giveaway suggestions. A little creativity in the kitchen can make your snacking a fun one to munch on without immediately realising the health benefits you are also taking in as you enjoy it.

Fruits and Chocolate

For fruit lovers, introducing vitamin C, D, K and other vitamins that are known to be naturally inherent in fruits to the body is definitely not hard to do. But for people, who are not exactly fond of eating fruits as it is, why not pair it up with a food suggestion that no one has a hard time resisting like chocolate? To maintain the...
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