All in One Tech Support: Top 5 Anti-Virus Of 2013

All in One Tech Support: Top 5 Anti-Virus Of 2013

With the prospects of Windows 8 becoming large, the various softwares are being designed to be compatible with the new operating system of Windows.

The following are considered the top 5 anti-virus softwares for the coming year:

1. Kaspersky Anti - Virus 2013

Clearly one of the best softwares available, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 edition has a number of new and attractive features from its previous 2012 version. The software is equipped with an amazing malware detection feature and also has great cleanup rates. There is a constant flow of updating the program for threats making sure that even the latest dangers would be covered for. It has the facility of blocking unwanted programs and fixing various problems.

2. Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti - Virus 2013

 This product is not very popular but it does stand in the list of the top 5. This product is known to be clocked at less than 3 MB with a total space of 15 MB. The features of malware detection and...
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