Brunswick Joey Pro Black

Brunswick Joey Pro Black

Brunswick Joey Pro Black

Brand: Brunswick Category: Bowling bags

Only for Bowles who have Outgrown Their Game - Brunswick Joey Pro - Black

So, you just bought another bowling bag and now you need a bag for it. On the other side you don't want to spend l lot of money on one. That's where the Joey Pro from Brunswick comes in.

Yes, I am One Smart Cookie and here is the Proof: the Joey slips over the extended handles of most wheeled bags but at the same time it can be used as a separate one-ball bag. If you are like me you would like to get the most for your buck and the Joey is just that - a smart choice. Not to mention that it is cheaper than any other Brunswick single tote.  

Small and Sweet: it carries one ball only but that's ok. Sometimes that's all that you need - to throw a few balls on your lunch break.

You Can Save Money on Ball with Joey Por as Well: the foam ball holder keeps the ball stationery so no more cracks or...
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