A new government at last - Георги Кънчев - Блогосфера

A new government at last - Георги Кънчев - Блогосфера

I wrote this piece for The Economist

PLAMEN ORESHARSKI is not promising his fellow Bulgarians a bed of roses. “Bulgaria is in a deep institutional crisis, continuing economic depression and worsening disintegration of society,” said Mr Oresharski as his government was sworn in yesterday. "Maybe we won't be able to become rich and prosperous in our term, but our minimum task is to give Bulgarians bigger hope.”

Many Bulgarians have lost hope in recent months. In February, the largest demonstrations in 16 years ousted the previous center-right government as Bulgarians grew frustrated with widespread poverty and rising unemployment. At about €400 ($520) per month, the country has the lowest average wages in the European Union. The unemployment rate is touching 14%, a ten-year high.

Following a campaign mired in controversy and scandals, GERB, the centre-right party of Boyko Borisov, the former prime minister, won the May 12th ...
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