This Is Why I'm Sane

This Is Why I'm Sane

Noise Blocking Mask

Muffle the noise of inconsiderate housemates, loud neighbors, street noise with the 'Dream Helmet', the original sound-muffling sleep mask.

Tangle Free Earphones

You're likely to already be bored, tired or annoyed when taking out your earphones. Avoid frustrating untangling sessions with tangle free zipbuds.

Wind Proof Umbrella

Windproof in wind speeds up to 70 mph. Unique aerodynamic design means you can rely on this umbrella to do the job in all weather conditions.

Ultrasonic Dog Dazer

Use the latest ultra-sonic technology to teach the dog next door that its barking will not be tolerated. No need for rage or confrontation.

Oven Burn Guards

With a set of Cool Touch Oven Rack Guards, you can reach into your oven without fear of your forearms brushing against scorching hot oven racks.

Hoodie Pillow Case

Hide away from the stresses around you. Block out light and sound without suffocating under a blanket. Perfect...
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