All in One Tech Support

All in One Tech Support

Sometimes using software to get rid of malware isn’t possible. Either the malware (trojan, virus, spyware, rootkits, scripts, etc) duplicates itself and creates multiple versions of itself to avoid being totally removed by software, or the antivirus software that is used gets deleted by the virus before having the opportunity to scan the computer. In other cases booting the computer to even get the chance to install software is nil, as the computer may not boot at all.

Let’s discuss manual virus removal and how to perform virus removal without needing to use software. Please remember, software is often needed to remove remnants of infections and rogue registry entries; however, these steps will help largely in removing a bad infection, or restoring proper operation to a PC that fails to work properly due to infection. It is NOT likely that you will remove all malware without using software. Here are the steps you should take to manually get rid of viruses or other malware,...
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