Fall gamut on a quad bike

Fall gamut on a quad bike

At the creek which is filled by high tides / Pictures: Stephen Scourfield

We set off, ducks-in-a- row, down a beach by the Exmouth Gulf. Hard sand, stones, soft sand, then up to the bush and dirt tracks on solid 400cc Can Am quad bikes.

Part of the pleasure of Roger Wren's tours are, of course, just riding the quad bike -being out there, under the canopy of sky, smelling the salt in the air and the iron in the dust.

Part of it, too, is learning a little, like the stop at one of 142 sinkholes in this part of the North West Cape.

There's fresh water at the bottom and, Roger says, at night it'd be as busy as a waterhole on the African plains, only with snakes, other reptiles and small mammals.

But part of the pleasure on Ningaloo Quad Bike Tours is just meeting Roger, a big, straight chap who's been in Exmouth for three years, after making the move from Mandurah. Born and brought up there when it was...
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