How To Make Money With A Blog

How To Make Money With A Blog

Social media links are the backbone of modern internet business, regardless of platform or audience. There was a time when backlinks where the most important aspect in getting a good search engine ranking, and also the easiest to obtain. These days, however, social media is the primary driver of ranking behind only the actual content (and even that can take the second seat to social signals, as I’ll show later).

So what’s behind this evolving emphasis on social media links and signals? First, undeniably the primary driver has to be simply that people like social media and use (and trust) it. Secondly, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others have realized that backlinks weren’t a good metric to measure the importance and value of a page because, well, it is too easy to manipulate. Social signals are both natural and real-time… current attempts to manipulate social signals aside, search engines can better gauge a site’s relative importance and the interest of viewers by looking at...
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