How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

In recent years, life is good, fat people more and more. Obese man, I can accept, obese women over 40 years old, I used to be able to see. But thirties saw the charm and taste of obesity when it is a woman, one can see more than twenty years old when it is as beautiful as the fat girl, I felt horrible! Woman, in my eyes and the eyes of a thing of beauty ah! Some women could be so damaged Venus in my mind, of course I mind unhappy.

Hearts displeasure might not be myself. Now a lot of people joined the army to lose weight, to prove this point. Because we have to understand not only unsightly fat, and will bring a lot of diseases. Some people eat a variety of drugs, some people use a variety of equipment to lose weight, some people take part in physical exercise, some people diet, in short, tried various ways to lose weight, each of which methods are seen some results, But a weight rebound after two months, she has returned as ever, very distressed.

My height 174cm, weight...
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