Charter Boats Fishing Sydney

Charter Boats Fishing Sydney

Charter Boats Fishing Sydney Big Boat - Zelda Faith II

The Zelda Faith II is ideal for fishing trips. Launched in 1982, this traditionally designed fishing tour vessel is 50 foot (15.24 metres) in length giving ample room for up to 20 keen anglers to fish in comfort. The aft deck has been fitted with game fishing rod holders and removable rails for the landing of big fish such as Yellowfin Tuna, Sharks and Marlin.

Vessel Features and Equipment GM 6V92 Detroit Diesel Main Engine HF Marine Receiver/Transmitter Radio   Furuno Sonar reading to 800 meters 3  VHF Marine Receiver/Transmitter Radio 27 MHZ Receiver/Transmitter Radio  UHF Receiver/Transmitter Radio  Hydraulic Autopilot linked to GPS AM/FM Quad CD sound system


We have a large bait and fish cleaning table with running sea water. A full size marine flushing toilet with a fresh water sink is on board  for your comfort.

The vessel is fully...
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