Deep Blue Fishing Yachts & Boats Rental, Dubai, UAE

Deep Blue Fishing Yachts & Boats Rental, Dubai, UAE

Experience the Luxury from Our Special Boat and Yacht Charters

Summer is the best time to have fun and enjoy the water! You don’t need to look places outside the UAE because Deep Blue Sea offers an exciting alternative!

With our luxury yacht charter rental in Dubai, collect cherished moments while doing your most-wanted relaxation, topped with great food, refreshments along with the company of family and friends. With all these thrilling perks, what can you ask for more?

Our Dubai Yacht rentals are fully equipped with air conditioned cabins, surround sound music systems and much more for the best yacht charter Dubai experience.

Our Dubai Yacht Rental can tailor from small group family and friends events to company outing and recreation. You can choose from these options that will suit your need and preference.

  85-ft Dubai Marine-Duretti,

Maximum capacity 30 guest  3 Master Bedrooms Huge living room ...
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