Some states have better reputations for being kind to drivers than others. New York is not one of those states.

In a recent study on states and their approach to motorists, New York ranked as the fifth worst in all of the U.S. in terms of the exploitation of the driving public. The rankings in the study were based on traffic laws, enforcement practices and the treatment of defendants in traffic ticket cases, among other factors.

Only New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and Louisiana ranked as worse than New York. The other commonalities between the states ranked as least-motorist-friendly included the widespread usage of red light cameras (which have drawn renewed scrutiny in New York) and speed traps per capita. All of this means that you need to be very careful when driving in The Empire State.

Traffic violations in New York State can really put a crimp in your wallet. Fines for speeding (first offense) range from $100 to $610. Running a red light can cost you between...
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