How to Choose a Glass Type for Your New Window Frames

How to Choose a Glass Type for Your New Window Frames

Did you know that the glass used to make your windows and doors can be customized? All glass is not created equal—in fact, there is a variety of designs and many additional options to consider when choosing your wood, fiberglass, or vinyl replacement windows.

From heat absorption to insulation to light reflection, you must consider what combinations would most benefit your home. We’ve listed the most important of these factors below to make it easy for you when shopping for new windows.

Filling Split Panes

If you’re interested in split-pane windows, you’ll be able to choose if you’d prefer that the space in between the panes is filled with inert gas or not. Usually, it is krypton or argon—the idea is that these gases are better insulators than normal air, and will help keep warmth either inside or out.

Tints to Absorb Heat

According to, “tinted glass absorbs a large fraction of the incoming solar radiation through a window,” which...
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