Top 10 VOIP Providers

Top 10 VOIP Providers

Top 10 VOIP and Virtual Phone System Providers Our Guide to the Best VOIP Providers Online

Whether you have family members scattered across the globe or a business that handles a high volume of phone calls, cell phones and traditional land lines are far from your most affordable option. VOIP—Voice-over-Internet Protocol—providers can save you thousands of dollars a year while giving you enhanced phone and messaging services, too.

Simply put, VOIP means a service that carries your voice over the Internet. There are several free VOIP providers, including Skype, Google Voice or Hangout, and Apple’s FaceTime, however these services tend to have limited features and charge for things like a dedicated phone number, international calling, and additional features. These services also tend to be adjuncts to the core operations and service offerings of the companies behind them, which tends to mean they have less vigorous support available and are more susceptible to technical...
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