Peachtree City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Peachtree City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experienced Legal Representation in Georgia

I am Peachtree City criminal defense attorney Glen P. Burn. For more than 15 years I have provided quality legal representation to residents of Peachtree City and communities throughout Fayette, Clayton, Coweta, Fulton, Douglas and Fayette Counties, and throughout the state of Georgia.

I understand that contacting a lawyer is a new experience for many of my clients and that criminal charges are frightening. It is important to understand your rights under the law and promptly act to protect them, before evidence is lost, memories fade or witnesses disappear. I have handled numerous criminal, DUI, drug possession and juvenile defense cases. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and provide you with a strong defense. I will personally take the time to explain every step of the legal process, assess your individual situation and provide you with a realistic recommendation of how your case should be handled.

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