Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Peachtree city Criminal Defense Attorneys



Offering the individuals in Georgia with experienced law support


Peachtree city law firm is among the leading law firms in Georgia, had by Glen P. Burn, relinquished federal criminal defense.


Glen P. Burn is greater than 15 year experienced in criminal law, DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug misuse and dealt with bunches of these kinds with the good outcomes. I offer in Georgia. My emphasis is high-end federal criminal actually work, drug criminal offenses, fraudulence, and Internet sex criminal offenses, yet we likewise manage intense criminal activities, DUI/DWI charges and a selection of various other charges.


Unparalleled Success in Protecting the Rights of Accused Clients


I, Glen P. Burn, have actually stood for higher profile people and firms. I have actually conserved their life and satisfaction, they obtained what they are worthy of. Several of my...
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