Should You Train Your Dog to Do Tricks?

Should You Train Your Dog to Do Tricks?

Every dog should know basic commands. Basic commands, like sit and stay, are typically related to keeping a dog and anyone, or anything; the dog interacts with happy and safe. For example: Dogs which are taught to sit can be commanded to sit down when someone comes into the door, to avoid the dog jumping over that person and potentially hurting them or making them uncomfortable. It is generally accepted that these basic commands are something every dog owner should teach their dog. The list of basic commands may vary depending on the breed of dog and, if applicable, their role—a sheep herding dog, for example, will have a different list of “basic commands” than a family pet.

Basic commands are a necessity. But what about tricks? The distinction between a dog command and a dog trick can be a fine one. Dog tricks are generally defined as taught behaviors which are intended for entertainment and stimulation rather than social or physical necessity. For example: Dancing,...
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