Jamie Foxx feat. T.I. - Just like me текст

Jamie Foxx feat. T.I. - Just like me текст

T.I Say Foxx? I had I had a chick man She wouldn’t did me real wrong, I mean I did the same thing to her but She ain’t have no right to do me like that though dawg, for real

Jamie Foxx You, been seeing him, and I know And I was with her, and you knew about it But I was too blind to see it baby And you was out here doing the same thing as me I wanna ask, has he been by the crib? Has he been in our, car? And did you let him, drive? Cause she’s been by the house She’s been in the car I’ve even let her push the Porsche around a couple times Oh, we were so the same I don’t know why I can’t see it baby And it ain’t a point to feeling blue You’re just like me and I’m just like you

Jamie Foxx You’re just like me Shorty all up in the club Popping bottles of that Bud Giving all them dudes hugs And you just like me She don’t know how to act On the floor back in the back Man I can’t be mad She just like me She just like me She...
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