Welcome to New Sea Garden Chinese Takeaway

Welcome to New Sea Garden Chinese Takeaway

The New Sea Garden Chinese Takeaway on the Forest Gate is the best place to get excellent Chinese food. Their specialty is - Great Food at Less Budget! The menu includes a wide variety of food and drinks including starters, soups, curry dishes, poultry dishes, meat dishes, seafood and vegetable dishes, foo young and chop suey dishes, rice and noodles, English dishes, sauces, and drinks. The restaurant also serves lunch specials and set meals. \n\nSo, if you want to serve Chinese food to your guests or just want to spend a relaxed evening at home, simply call them and place your order. The restaurant also allows you to order online. The most exciting part is that they deliver food for free if your order value is more that £ 10. Once you make your order, trust your food will be delivered sizzling hot!

Free Delivery for order over £10

Address: 396 Katherine Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 8NW, UK

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