nduniversal: Apostilles: How Much Do you Know?

nduniversal: Apostilles: How Much Do you Know?

There might be times when you would be required to use some documents when you are not in your country. Having an apostille certificate attached to those documents implies that they are authentic and have been duly signed by a public official. Therefore, they would be accepted easily. An apostille generally does not really point to the authenticity of the contents of the document but bears witness to the authenticity of the signature of the official. It is thus often regarded as an extra cautious measure that is adopted in order to ensure the identity of the officials issuing it.

There might be several documents like a Power of Attorney that might be issued for use in the international document signing transaction. In a bid to authenticate this document you would, at first be required to look out for a notary who in turn will authenticate your identity as a signatory and provide required seals once your credentials are established.

Some of the documents that require...
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