Berlusconi serves up Pavlova ‘joke’

Berlusconi serves up Pavlova ‘joke’

Berlusconi serves up Pavlova ‘joke’

Author: Nadezhda Chipeva

Darina Pavlova, photographed in 2001.

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, with a just a few words, gave a group of male politicians a laugh, gave YouTube another clip, and Italian newspaper La Repubblica another stick to beat him.   At a summit of European leaders, Berlusconi – unaware that what reportedly was a Sky News camera was trained on them – entertained a group of male politicians, among them Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev, with a few thoughts arising from reports that he had a relationship with Darina Pavlova, widow of Iliya Pavlov, the Bulgarian tycoon who was shot dead by a sniper in March 2003.   Asking a bystander to jog his memory about Pavlova’s name, Berlusconi referred to the Italian press – La Repubblica has been in the...
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