Duran Duran – Notorious

Duran Duran – Notorious

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Горещи музикални новини, интервюта, клубни и концертни участия, класации и награди…


No-no-Notorious. Notorious. Ah. No-no-Notorious.

I can’t read about it. Burns the skin from your eyes. I’ll do fine without it. Here’s one you don’t compromise. Lies come hard in disguise. They need to fight it out. Not wild about it. Lay your seedy judgements. Who says they’re part of our lives?

[CHORUS] You own the money ; You control the witness. I’ll leave you lonely. Don’t monkey with my business. You pay the prophets to justify your reasons. I heard your promise,but I don’t believe it.

That’s why I’ve done it again. No-no-Notorious.

Girls will keep the secrets (uh) So long as boys make a noise. Fools run rings to break up. Something they’ll never destroy. ...
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