Usher(feat.Kelly) - Same Girl текст

Usher(feat.Kelly) - Same Girl текст

[R. Kelly] Yo Ush.. [Usher] What up Kells [R. Kelly] Wanna introduce you to this girl. Think I really love this girl. [Usher] Yeah... [R. Kelly] Man she's so fine. [Usher] Straight up dog... [R. Kelly] She stands about 5'4", coka cola, red bone [Usher] Damn... [R. Kelly] She drives a black Durango license plate say Angel tattoo on her ankle plus she's making pesos. Gotta crib on Peachtree, right on 17th street and I call her Te Te. [Usher] Wait a minute hold on dog. Do she got a crib? By the waffle house? Do she got a beauty mark on the left side of her mouth? Went to Georgia Tech? Works for TBS? Man I can't believe this shit. Damn!! [R. Kelly] Tell me what's wrong dog what the hell you damnin' 'bout? I'm your homie so just say what's on your mind. [Usher] Man I didn't know that you were talkin' 'bout her. [R. Kelly] So man you telling me you know her? [Usher] Do I know her? Like a pastor know his word.

[Chorus] We...
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