A Closer Look at the Different Kinds of Dog Training Collars

A Closer Look at the Different Kinds of Dog Training Collars

A large variety of dog training collars is now available to dog owners, each catering to individual needs. Owners might choose a collar to help keep their dog from barking or from pulling on its leash, for instance. It is important that you determine the issues of your dog so you can pick a collar that is appropriate enough to correct such issues.

Prong Dog Training Collars

These collars will help prevent leash pulling so dogs are kept close to their owners. They come with metal prongs that curve in toward the neck of the dog about every half inch and pinch the skin when the leash is pulled. This is designed to simulate a dominant dog’s nip to correct the unwanted behavior of another dog. This is made as a safe alternative to a choke collar.

Haltis and Gentle Leasers Dog Training Collars

A halti, otherwise known as gentle leader, is a head halter similar to that of a horse halter. The nylon material goes across the nose of the dog and behind his ears, with leash...
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