Top 3 Computer Antivirus Software Programs | Best Of 2015

Top 3 Computer Antivirus Software Programs | Best Of 2015

In today's day in age, if your computer isn't protected with anti-virus software, chances are, it is already infected.  Whether by a miniscule amount or by thousands of different types of malware.  You must look at your computer as you do your own body.  If you get an infection and you leave it untreated, it could lead to more harmful cases and even death.  Same goes for you computer.  To give you an idea of how dangerous malware has become, here is a list of what malware consists of but is not limited to:

WormsSpywareTrojan HorsesComputer VirusesMalicious BHOsHijackersRansomwareKeyloggersBackdoorsRootkitsMalicious LSPsDialers, Fraudtools Adware and spyware

With every new day, new malware is born.  Computer hijackers work hard to create new ways to bypass your computer systems security and infect your computer. Some do it for the money, some do it for power, and some do it for fun (We don't understand the fun part either).

Spyware has evolved just like everything...
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