How to Train Your Staff in New Open Source Technology

How to Train Your Staff in New Open Source Technology

Technology is always changing at a great pace. Each day the world gets introduced to new technologies; some of which were once seen as impossible or a mere vision. But the advent of these innovative technologies on regular intervals provides our society’s improvements and enhancements over formerly existing ones. Wide global IT sector has flourished unbelievably on the advent of these updations of technology. If we have to name some few which are accredited for bringing a huge change, open source technology is sure to make a place in that list.

Open source technology growth surely plays a decisive part in the broad software development field. This is a simple yet highly beneficial course of generating the source code of any specific platform available to users for free of cost. This technology itself incorporates a big pool of technologies under it including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, as well as Magento and many more. These are just few to name for since the pool is a...
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