Khloe Kardashian date not The Game

Khloe Kardashian date not The Game

Everyone asks for weeks whether Khloe Kardashian and The Game are doing or not dating. The rapper has responded for the first time on the rumors. His answer? Definitely not!. Khloe and The Game were spotted together several times, including in a nightclub where they have really had a good time. Yet the two are not more than friends. “That’s just gossip. It’s funny because I and Khloe are just cool with each other. I know Khloe for 12 years, “The Game said in an interview on BBC Radio’s Charlie Sloth’s Show.

The Game and Kim However, The Game confessed something else. “I have gedatet a while with Kim. Briefly and very long ago, “he said. “We have been twice to McDonald’s, even through the drive thru”, then he joked. The Game and Kim … That’s new! But really, according to a family friend of the Kardasians. “Yes, Kim has indeed gedatet years ago with The Game. Khloe introduced them to each other in 2006. The family has known him for years, that is why they find it so...
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