Neem Oil for Skin – Benefits and How to Use It

Neem Oil for Skin – Benefits and How to Use It

Neem is a widely popular plant for its great benefits for human health and beauty. The tree is grown throughout India and other parts of Asia. The neem oil, extracted from the leaves and fruits of the plant, is a multipurpose substance with exceptional qualities in curing various skin conditions.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Skin

The best uses of neem oil for your skin are described below.

1. Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition found in a great number of people. There are plenty of readily available products to treat this skin disease, but you can also use neem oil as a more natural remedy. The oil has a particular compound which is similar to aspirin. This compound removes acne-causing bacteria from the skin. It also contains high concentration of fatty acids with the ability to prevent scars caused by acne.

2. Anti-fungal Agents

Besides acne, fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ring worms are also common skin conditions....
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