Allu Arjun elbows out Ram Charan ~ 123 film

Allu Arjun elbows out Ram Charan ~ 123 film

Apart from drawing 40-crore and collections, Allu Arjun stumped his kin and star Ram Charan by material highest quantity for in-film stigmatization for 'Race Gurram'.

Till date, Charan was holding the record for pocketing Rs.1.5 large integer from docomo for his last film "Yevadu" however Allu Arjun scales a brand new height by material Rs. two large integer from a nutri-lite (an energy drink brand) for Race Gurram and established his quality even in in-film stigmatization section.

Sources claims that Allu Arjun clocked one.25 large integer from a shampoo whole for "Iddarammayilatho" however with Race Gurram, he set a brand new benchmark in T-town. With Allu Arjun being the flavour of the season, even brands area unit speeding to his doorsill.

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