How to activate your Walmart Money Card received by mail?

How to activate your Walmart Money Card received by mail?

Online Activation Number - How to Activate Walmart Money Card? Today we talk about Walmart Money Card. It provides extra facility to their customers.  Now we have different type of advanced facilities for make our life easier. The company has given an advanced facility with Walmart Money Card. That can we use without doing process with credit check or bank inquiries. It is accepted at anywhere there ATM, Debit Card or Master Card. If you want take chance of getting benefit of this advanced technology, Contact at Walmart’s customer service desk on Just pay $3. Once you get this Money Card, you can activate it from any Walmart store on the official website with paying $3 as an activation charge. Now you can enjoy the facilities like online shopping, online bill payment, online hotel and airline reservations.

It is issued by Green Dot Bank. It is very easy to use this Walmart Money Card. It is most suitable, safe and reloadable in use. You can use many...
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