Jessie J - Loud (Snippet)

Jessie J - Loud (Snippet)

Песен: Jessie J - Loud (Snippet)

Стил: Поп, R&B, Соул

Държава: Великобритания



It's like [?] in the crowd

They won't stop until they god damn take you down

And the world is so loud

Loud, loud, it's so loud

Loud, loud

I tried to drown them all out in my sound

But they won't stop, stop until they tear you down

Until they tear me down


[Verse 2]

Wish so much destruction cause i'm so reluctant

want me to pass the ball but you're not on my team

you want to cast a stone, we're so ready to fight

got the nerve to ask how did i sleep, i heard you all through the night, somebody tell me why

I know it's not just me over a billion voices

Don't think, just speak

You hate me when I'm up

You love me when I'm down

I'm so confused by the world,

And the world is so...
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