Mariah Carey – Almost Home

Mariah Carey – Almost Home

Горещи музикални новини, интервюта, клубни и концертни участия, класации и награди…


Hey, hey… You’re almost home You’re almost home You’re almost home

I’ve seen the light in the sky In the skies are like fireflies Burning bright, just to vanish in the dark

I’ve held hope in my two hands That there would be another chance To find the kingdom, I’m believing in my heart Cause underneath the good there’s something greater than you know

When you’re almost there And you’re almost home Just open up your eyes and go, go When you’re almost there, almost home Know you’re not alone You’re almost home

When you run, run so far You’ve forgotten who you are Where you’re from, it’s like some other universe You count your steps, like they’re regrets You catch one breath then lose the rest Wrong is right, right is left And there’s nowhere left to turn

So don’t believe in everything ...
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