vpi: What Happened When Evil Envied Good

vpi: What Happened When Evil Envied Good

Once upon a time in the deep forest of one of the shiny islands called Birdland there were two birds. Of course there were a lot of birds on that island but those two were very important. One of them was called Nicy. He was ordinary bird, without any extraordinary decoration, but he had big and good heart. When somebody was sad he was always nearby to calm him down. He was joking and cheering up everyone from the island and birds and animals and humans. He never forgot to gratitude. She never forgot the birthdays of his friends and always gave them presents although he had not so much. He was doing good to everyone and that gave up to him pleasure and he was fulfilled and that was the sense of his life. He was always happy scattering happiness around him. Everybody in Birdland loved him. When someone met him it was followed by a smile and his mood got better. Everybody liked him, respect him and was happy to be around him.

The other bird was called Evy. He also had ordinary...
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