BMW launches MSport package for X5

BMW launches MSport package for X5

BMW launches MSport package for X5 Posted in BMW Cars Tags: assistance, BMW X5, BMW X5 renew, cycle model facelift, exterior, facelift, iDrive, interior, X5, МSport, МSport package

There were first official pictures of BMW X5 M Sport Package. They are posted in the corporate site allows to configure desired version of the new BMW X5. Unfortunately no other details except the photos. However, they allow you to see that the differences with the standard car are the new bodywork for body kit, new wheels and thresholds of size 19 inches. BMW X5 renew the traditional mid-life cycle model facelift. Renewed is the front bumper with larger air intakes, headlights and have upgraded the rear lights, revised rear bumper is. The interior of the X5 can see the latest generation of iDrive, as in the equipment has occurred and the system park assistance. The interior and exterior of the car are showing power and nice vision. The price is also quite high...
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